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There is Beauty All Around

Updated: Jan 11

Is a dandelion pretty? I guess it depends on how you decide to look at it, and whether you focus on the weeds or the wishes. The same is true for a body image or even a life. Where your focus goes...that is what you will see. But that may not be the whole picture.

Have you ever thought about what makes a truly great artist or photographer different? Part of it is technical skill yes. But also they seem to have a vision that surpasses the ordinary. They view things in ways the rest of us don't, and they help us to see through their eyes. Some of this undoubtedly comes as a natural gift. I maintain, though, that this kind of sight can be cultivated and trained.

If you consciously seek beauty, you will find it. You will begin to notice it everywhere, even in simple, mundane places. Leaves blowing softly in the wind. A butterfly landing quietly on a flower. Sunlight dancing on the water. Raindrops on a windowpane, with a misty landscape beyond. A child laughing. My dog curled up at my feet. Everyday things that don't cost a dime to experience. The only price is taking the time to stop and notice them. I challenge you to identify at least one beautiful thing each and every day. I promise if you start doing this, you'll be surrounded by glory everywhere you go.

There really is beauty all around, for those with eyes to see.

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