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Create Beauty From the Broken Pieces

Updated: Jan 11

A plate crashes to the floor and cracks into pieces. Unkept promises damage trust. A marriage ends in divorce leaving scarred and aching hearts behind. Sometimes Humpty Dumpty tumbles from the wall and things get broken that cannot be put back together again. Life so often just doesn't go as planned.

We might fight change and try to hang onto the past for longer than is sensible. We might rage at God that our circumstances are unfair and allow anger to rule our responses. Perhaps we find the strength to accept and let go, but are afraid to allow ourselves to hope again, so we won't be disappointed in the future. The raw truth is that the wreckage of a shattered dream is an uncomfortable place to be standing. The loss of a treasured item, goal or relationship hurts badly, and it can be difficult to envision how to restore all those little shattered pieces back into their former state.

But maybe we aren't meant to. I believe that one of the greatest challenges of this journey called life, is learning to find beauty in the broken. To piece-by-piece create something unique and new as often as is required. Lessons learned, compassion gained, perspective and strength all combine into the dazzling mosaic of a life reimagined. No, it is not the same, but it can be wondrous to behold what emerges when faith and creativity come together.


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