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It's OK to Say Yes!!!

Updated: Jan 11

When did pleasure become a dirty word? The idea that indulging in anything we actually enjoy is most likely wrong. If it feels good, don't do it??

It's true that OVER indulgence can be bad for us, especially when fueled by addiction. Obesity is a chronic health issue and sexually transmitted diseases run rampant. Healthy limits and boundaries are important to establish and maintain. Learning to say NO is critical, and a sign of maturity.

Sometimes we take this so far in the NO direction, though, that we lose the ability to ever say YES without feeling guilt or shame. Forgetting that "over restriction" can also be dangerous and damaging.

Many dieters can attest that when they consume too few calories it can stall weight loss, creating the same effect as eating too many. What the heck? In my personal experience, taking a "free day" now and then while dieting actually resulted in greater overall losses. There are many reasons for this (that is for another post in the future) but my point is that sometimes a little indulgence can be a good thing. Vacations and days off can rest and refuel you body and soul, so you actually get more done during the week than if you had not stopped to recharge. Buying a new outfit you feel fantastic in can alter the way you interact with others. Positive vibes are contagious.

I'm not saying to go crazy and follow every whim or fancy that strikes you. I'm just saying that is is OK to say YES sometimes too. And when we do choose to say NO, to be careful of the internal narrative surrounding that. Are we saying no because we honestly don't want to do something? Or because, considering our health and other factors, we determine that saying no is the best decision? Awesome!! Well done.

But be careful if we are saying no due to internal programmings shouting that we do not deserve happiness. Or piling guilt onto our psyches every time we do allow ourselves to indulge? These are destructive thought patterns that can grow into serious anxieties, and rob us of peace and joy. I would encourage you to "just say NO" to the concept that NO is always the proper answer, and seek out positive opportunities to say YES. Our creator endowed us with 5 physical senses, and I believe they were placed within us to bring us pleasurable experiences and joy. Not to become a source of pain as we fight against them. Beautiful sunsets, musical harmonies, silky fabrics, delicious aromas and tastes. We enjoy these things and are drawn to them. Embrace the powerful gifts we are given as often as possible.

I am working on improving my nutrition and diet generally these days, so I would not eat ice cream daily. But while in Alaska, our group had dinner at a wonderful restaurant that served homemade lavender ice cream. It was unique and amazing. We lingered over it, visiting and laughing, sharing our memories of the day. It was really fun. I am so glad I didn't excuse myself, slink back to my room, and feel like I had to refrain because I have 10 more pounds to lose. I am grateful I said yes and shared that lovely evening and that amazing dessert. I'm glad I said yes, and I would do it again.

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