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Follow Your Joy

Updated: Jan 11

You know those things that make you ridiculously happy? Those activities that light you up? Do more of those.

Perhaps it really is that simple after all. The secret of life may actually be found in deliberately following your joy.

We spend so much time as humans trying to fit into a framework of what we think we ought to believe, do and feel. We almost can convince ourselves that we actually want something we don't, just because others have told us we should. But our joy cannot be fooled. Our hearts and spirits know the way. Trust them.

When you laugh with full abandon, unable to contain it. When the smile reaches your eyes. When you are crazy in love and the whole world can see it. When you wake up excited to start the day, because you are pursuing your passions and dreams. When you serve with your whole heart. This is joy.

But what if you haven't felt that for awhile, and the spark seems to have gone out of living? You want to turn it around, but where do you begin? Literally anywhere.

Walk around the park and pay attention to your senses. Think about the last 5 things that made you smile. Google a list of fun things to do in your area. Phone a friend you haven't spoken to for awhile. Putter around the house working on projects. It doesn't matter what approach you take, but the goal is to focus on what resonates with your soul when you ask yourself what makes you happy? You may have to try a few ideas before something finally strikes a chord inside, and it doesn't matter if is big or small. Free or fancy. The important part is paying attention, so when that little light of joy ignites, you recognize it.

Don't over think it. Don't judge it. Don't restrain it. Just follow where it leads and embrace the journey.

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