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Never Forget That Your Life is Happening - Right Now.

Updated: Jan 11

Never forget that your life is happening right now. Not in the past. Not once you have a better job, or the kids are grown, or after retirement. Now - in this very moment.

One of the most powerful realizations I ever had was that I have no future. I don't mean that in a fatalistic way. Simply that the future isn't actually real. It is only an illusion or idea of what might or might not be real someday. So I have hope for things in the future, of course, but I don't have an actual future that can be owned, pinned down or guaranteed. A million factors could come along between this moment and a future moment to alter the outcome or course I am on. Perhaps in ways I could never have imagined. Conditions of your life can change (like relationship status or job transitions) your health is uncertain and to be honest, most of us don't even know how long we will live. There is usually no way to predict which days might be your last. All that to say that the future is elusive and uncertain at best.

So if we don't have control of the future, why are we so willing to allow IT to control US? We spend so much of our present in the planning, preparation and anticipation of a future that may never actually come. At least not necessarily in the way we think it will. It could be worse than expected, or it could be a million times better. But it almost certainly will be different. All we know for sure is today. So doesn't it make sense that today would be our primary focus? I'm not saying to ignore the future. OF COURSE it's important to set goals and lay groundwork for tomorrow. I just no longer want that to be at the expense of today, because today is all I truly have. So if I have to choose between protecting tomorrow or protecting the present I will choose NOW every time.

For example, how many people put off travel until retirement and never make it there, or are too sick to enjoy it later on? How tragic. Even worse, how many delay time with loved ones while working excessive hours to build a bank account for someday, only to wake up realizing they are all alone and all that money doesn't hold much meaning? Nope. No thank you. Not anymore. I want to live now. Travel now. Laugh with my kids - right now. I still have jobs, but they don't define me to a level that drowns out my passions. I still have responsibilities, but being true to my heart is now also on the list. Don't wait for someday. Relationships and joy are important today! Respect and cherish them in the only place and time that you know for certain that you can. Right now.

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