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You are a Diamond - Heart and Soul

Updated: Jan 11

A diamond is still a diamond even before it has been cut and polished. And it is still just as valuable even if someone refers to it as "just a rock," or happens to prefer emeralds. The worth of a heart and soul is much the same. Its value (even more so than a diamond) is independent of appearance or public opinion.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others and wind up feeling inadequate. This one is smarter, that one richer or prettier. Social media is ripe with the accomplishments of others, showcasing the best of everyone else's lives while we remain hyper conscious of our own real-life shortcomings and problems. The glare of one mistake can blind us to the 3,762 things we did well that day. We usually are our own worst critics.

On top of that, there unfortunately are sometimes people who will deliberately try to tear you down. Perhaps due to jealously, competition or self-righteousness. Most often it stems from their own deep rooted insecurities, or belief systems that feel threatened by your differences. Some people just won't like you for no good reason at all. This can be unsettling.

But hear me now. Your value does not decrease based on someone else's inability to see and appreciate your worth. It makes zero actual difference what anyone else thinks at all. Stay close to those who know that you are a unique gem, and help you to believe it too. They are your people. And on days when it seems you are standing all alone, keep shining knowing that God can see and guide your light to those who need it most.

You are a diamond - heart and soul. Remember that always.

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