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Never Shut Up

Updated: Jan 11

I had my older kids pretty much convinced when they were little that "shut up" was a swear word. I still kind of think of it that way. There is a cruelty in such a demand. To enforce or even imply that someone else's voice ought to be silenced is arrogant and often dangerous.

I don't mean there aren't times to be quiet. Some occasions merit the reverence found in quiet spaces. It is often easier to listen to our internal spiritual voices when they are not competing with our external speaking. Not everything requires a response or comment. Some things are best kept to ourselves. It is polite to listen to others rather than talk over them all the time. These are choices we make as mature, respectful people. So I am not saying to never decide to be quiet.

But I AM saying to kick back against anyone (individual or group) that ever tells you to shut up.

Dictators and abusers are allowed to carry on if they can frighten their victims into silence. Power is maintained by those who keep others from sharing opposing views. People who are threatened by differing ideas will scream loudly to drown them out. Worse yet, folks like this will attempt to convince you that you were wrong to even attempt to express yourself.

Don't pay attention to that. If something is hurting you or others...say something! If you have thoughts on a topic, share them. You never know who else might benefit from your viewpoint, and find courage to speak up too. Someone in this big wide world needs to hear your unique voice. YOU need to feel empowered enough to share your truth. Not everyone has to like it. Those who don't can go on their merry way, while you just keep on being you.

Choose your words carefully and with respect, of course. But never ever shut up!!

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