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Hi, I'm Laura - so glad you're here!

I downsized and moved my family to the beach to pursue a more joyfully bohemian life - leaning into the creative pursuits I love most, while blogging and podcasting about it along the way.

What is joyfulicity?

It's my made-up word for the art of living happy. And let's face it, in a world full of pain and troubles, couldn't we all use a little more happy?

I'm a single mother of 9, travel fanatic, heart-led writer, and wisdom seeker - dedicated to living life with a smile and helping others to do the same. Come join me on the journey to greater peace and happiness. 


The Joyfulicity Blog

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     •  Plan to Play  • 

Live to Learn

Dare to Dream  

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt

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