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Book Review: "What Struggle Brings" by Kevin Faulkner

Updated: May 29

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This book is special to me personally, because it was written by someone I love dearly - my son Kevin. I walked much of this journey with him. From the painful life experiences that led to "The Dark" section, all the way through to the joy of "The Light." I've seen him grow as an artist and as a man along the way, and it's been so exciting to see this book come to fruition.

The artwork, poems and prose are all Kevin's original work. He poured his heart and soul onto the pages and shared some vulnerable parts of our family story, and of his own feelings while dealing with depression and addiction. There is some raw and colorful language throughout, so if you are sensitive to that I want to be sure you are aware. These are tough topics and not always pleasant. But isn't that how life actually is underneath for most of us at different times? We may not have personally battled substance abuse, but we've all had habits that held us hostage for a time. We may not have been deeply depressed, but we have all felt waves of hopelessness and despair wash over us. I think every family and person has shadow stories that they keep hidden from the world. Kevin bravely reveals thoughts and emotions that many have felt, but few find the words to express. The book is laid out well in sections "The Dark," "The Haze," and "The Light" symbolizing the author's personal walk through all three and his eventual return to love, hope and faith.

My personal favorite poem from the book is "Don't Get Too Lost to Fly." The imagery of birds flying unafraid to soar was comforting to me. "Maybe they just trust their wings...maybe stress is just a people thing." Perhaps we humans could learn a thing or two from our feathered friends about flying and about living free.

Kevin was the very first guest that appeared on my podcast, and he has his own podcast on YouTube also The Wondered Bliss Podcast - you can find him on Instagram also @wonderedbliss and @kevinfaulknerpoetry

"What Struggle Brings" is self-published and available on Amazon (link below.) You can also find Kevin Faulkner on his website Wondered Bliss.

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