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Why I Deleted Goodreads

Ok we’re not going to talk about how dirty my keyboard is…that’s for another post 😂 but I do want to talk about how powerful this button is! And that you ARE allowed to use it as often as needed to protect your peace.

So, I was low key beating myself up that once again I didn’t complete my Goodreads reading challenge when the lightbulb went on. It didn’t matter. ALL! Why was I allowing this to carry any weight in terms of my feelings of success as a reader? Or occupy any amount of space in my self-esteem bank, no matter how small? I rarely even go to this site and have never interacted with anyone there, but I always sign up for the annual reading challenge. And I confess it’s hard, as a naturally competitive person, not to compare my number choice to others’ and try to adjust to the “right” number that the cool kids have selected. Even when it doesn’t fit my life currently. Then I usually forget all about it mostly, other than the occasional triumphant post when I finish a book and actually remember to record it. But then when my friends start posting their successes and book lists at the end of the year on social media, I feel that momentary wave of shame and failure, that once again I didn’t keep up with my goal and am a less prolific reader than I once was. That I’m not on the “in” with all the latest trendy tomes. Then I determinedly set a new goal and the cycle repeats itself.

But this was the last time. Today I officially resigned from this challenge forever and hit the delete button on Goodreads. My account is actually still there. But I removed the app from my phone screen which effectively means it is eliminated from my world. Hitting delete felt so powerful, remembering that if this is not bringing me joy, I simply don’t have to do it. Ever again. Literally not one person will even notice I’m gone from there (unless they read this post) and truly no one there…and I mean no one…cares what I read this year, except for maybe my closest friends that I will probably have told already anyway. It will make absolutely zero difference in the world for me to hit delete - except that I won’t have to think about it ever again or feel the sting next year. Gone. Done. Just like that.

I’m not trying to pick on Goodreads. Lots of people love it and find it fun, and that's perfectly fine. I just personally didn’t care about it. And honestly this won't impact my life much. It wasn’t causing huge trauma - just the teeniest tiniest bit. But why do that? If you take a look at your calendar and inbox, and make a mental review of what you spend time thinking and worrying about, there are likely countless little pressures and irritants that, while small, add up to stress that simply no longer needs to be in your life. Each "drop in the bucket" you dump out makes it lighter, and leaves room to fill it with more fulfilling contents.

At first it can feel uncomfortable hitting the delete button. As if we are doing something wrong somehow But once you get going, it gets much easier. I dare say, even fun?

Junk mail? Unsubscribe.

Old contacts and photos? Delete.

Social Media "Friends" that trigger you or are actually rude? Unfollow

Clubs or groups that no longer add value? Drop out.

Goals that were actually someone else's and not what you ever truly wanted? Quit.

Apps or games (even social media - gasp) that are wasting your time and causing anxiety? Delete

It really is ok. You truly are allowed. You can even do this with big things too, like jobs and close relationships, when needed. Those might take a little more time and cautious discernment, but the little stuff (that sometimes feels like big stuff but really isn't) you can begin to address (and delete) starting today. You can go on a hunt for them or just deal with items as you notice them, but your peace deserves this. Your heart and soul deserve this. The people and things that truly matter deserve this, so more time and energy can be freed up for them. Put "Eye of the Tiger" on the radio and your trigger finger on the delete button and...go. You'll thank me later.

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