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What Does Peace Sound Like?

Updated: Jan 11

What does peace sound like?

Today, as I relax here by the Little Red River and look at this view, peace sounds like birds and bugs. They are loud as they sing and call to one another, and I can’t help but wonder what they are saying. There are the gentle sounds of oars on the water as some kayakers float lazily by, and the hum of the cast drifting up from the dock as I watch my husband fishing. He loves to fish and rarely has the opportunity to, so it makes me smile to see him so utterly contented in this moment. Occasionally there is the splash of a trout jumping, or quiet chatting sounds from the cabin across the way. I can’t see anyone or understand their words, but I feel an odd sort of kinship knowing we are sharing the gifts of the river. Nature has the uncanny ability to be so vibrant and alive, but so slow and easy at the same time. Quietly sitting, and becoming one with this place for awhile, does my spirit good.

At other times peace has sounded different though. Like my children laughing, or church bells tolling. Ocean waves crashing onto the beach, or someone whispering “I love you.” A newborn’s first cry, or Chopin on the piano. The clicking of a keyboard transforming thoughts into words, or often simply silence.

So what does peace sound like for you? For me, I just know it when I hear it, and feel it settle softly on my soul.

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