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Turn Your "Why Me?" into Your Why.

Updated: Jan 11

Do you ever have those days when you feel really sorry for yourself? When you want to turn toward heaven and rage about an injustice you have suffered? Or cry alone as your heart is breaking? Dark nights when your soul calls out in anguish "why me?"

Life sometimes hands us raw deals that we didn't deserve. Pain we weren't expecting, often through no fault of our own. Or maybe it's hurting as we watch someone else we care about shoulder a heavy burden. We can't help but ask sometimes why bad things happen to good people. Why things aren't always fair. Why this? Why now? Why me??

But remember in times like these...

The rain brings the gift of the rainbow - beauty from the storm. Strength in body building, in essence, comes from breaking muscles down, then rebuilding them again. A job or relationship loss can free you to find something new that is better for your heart than what you had before. You may not have known what you needed, but God did. Even when there is no direct result, pain is often the catalyst for internal reflection that sets you on a new path, or heals long held wounds. Sometimes the hardship is actually the essential component that leads to the triumph. It just takes time, faith and trust to gain that perspective.

We can wait it out patiently. At times that is all we can do. But usually there comes a critical moment where we have the opportunity to make a decision. To consciously look for the benefits that can come from the twists and turns life throws at us, and deliberately walk toward them. To not only endure the tears, but choose to embrace ways to transform them into happiness. On purpose. To actively participate in turning your "why me" into your Why.

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