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New Year Intentions

Updated: Jan 11

Resolutions?? Nah!! Sounds too wishy washy to me. This year I am all about setting intentions. Placing my focus on what matters most, and marching boldly in the direction of those dreams and goals. One foot in front of the other, with the flexibility to swerve along the way when needed. To smile my way to a life I love, and build solid relationships along the way. Here's what I personally hope for in 2022...

To FINALLY start my podcast. To grow my coaching and real estate businesses. Serving others and helping them to thrive is the primary goal of my work, and what makes it fulfilling and worth it. Success to me means that those around me are succeeding too. Let's go rockstars!!!

To finish fixing up my house. It currently is quite the 1980's extravaganza, but I have a vision for it. It will take a lot of work to bring it into the current decade, but so much love lives within these walls. It will be a labor of joy. This wallpaper is coming down!!

To continue to train and become a better dancer. To improve my fitness and hopefully fit into size 8 jeans again. Dare I even say size 6? (gasp) To drink more water, and get more sleep. Basically to take good care of my body and make health a priority.

To visit 2 new states and (travel restrictions permitting) take my son to Turkey in May. Can't wait to get on a plane again for some new adventures.

My heart longs for many things. Who knows - maybe I will even fall in love again this year? You never know. Anything is possible. But no matter what, I intend to be happy in 2022. Not perfect. There will no doubt be problems that arise, but I aim to walk through them from a center of peace and light.

What are your intentions for the coming year? I wish you blessings in the New Year! Cheers!

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