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Never Miss a Chance to Make Someone Else Smile

Updated: Jan 11

We all want to be happy right? But did you know that one of the fastest paths to happiness is actually to try to make someone else happy? That moment when the smile spreads across the face of a person you care about, or even a stranger...there's nothing better than that.

What is the secret? There really is no one answer as to how to bring joy to another person. Some love flowers, some a long conversation, and others dancing in the kitchen. There's a million ideas, but I think the secret lies simply in paying attention.

If you listen (both with your ears and with your heart/senses) you will know what to do. Bear in mind that most of the ways people will tell you what they need and like will come through non-verbal communication. Body language. Facial expressions. The ways they react and the things you see them do for others. If you aren't paying attention you might miss important cues and opportunities.

Also be attentive when people are speaking to you and make note of important upcoming events they refer to, or perhaps memories they share from the past. If they mention an anniversary or birthday, take a moment and jot that down in your contact notes. They will be pleasantly surprised to receive a card from you and impressed that you remembered their special day.

Love people. Just simply love them and they will feel it. Never miss a chance to make someone else smile. Their happiness will radiate right back to you.

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