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My Break-Up with the Bathroom Scale (Why I've Decided to Stop Weighing)

Updated: Jan 11

We've spent so much time together and I've felt so many strong emotions, but it's really time to break up now. No - not with a boyfriend. With my bathroom scale. We can still be friends, and see each other now and then perhaps, but the daily visits have got to stop.

Why? Well, many reasons actually...

- Time: I simply don't have time anymore. It's not just the action of stepping on the scale every morning. It's the obsessing over the results that consumes precious time and energy that could be much better spent elsewhere. Transferring that into something positive like exercise, gardening and growing fresh vegetables, or even sleeping will serve my body and soul in a far healthier way.

- Guilt: I am over it. The swings between the thrill of the pound lost to the despair of a pound gained are such a waste of heart space. My intention moving forward in life is to live in a state of joy, and protect that vigorously. Unnecessary guilt producers are being kicked to the curb, to no longer be allowed to rob me of peace. Fat shaming ends NOW.

- Inaccuracy: The truth is the scale isn't always even an accurate resource. Every scale is calibrated slightly differently, and could be reading high or low. It is fine for showing overall trends from occasional use, but slight changes daily could be caused by many factors like fluctuations in water retention and even digestive issues. Muscle gain can cause the scale to go up too. A rising number doesn't always equal more fat.

- Value: The biggest lie the scale sometimes tells us, though, is that our intrinsic value is tied to what it says. Nope. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Your weight is not your worth. (read that again) That can be hard to remember when we are continuously subjecting ourselves to the barrage of conflicting feelings that stem from an ever changing number, that in truth has ZERO connection to who we are as people. So I am out. Not going to play that game anymore.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying I no longer care about trying to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I do for sure. But not because of an arbitrary target in a daily dance with the scale. I want to do that from a place of self-love and acceptance. Love that leads me to nurture my body. To feed it good food, develop strong muscle and stamina, give it adequate rest and water. Love that doesn't shame, but supports my efforts, and stays consistent regardless of how many pounds I am. Just simply because I AM. Love that urges me to treat my body as worthy and beautiful. To limit stress and increase joy.

When you offer your body that kind of care, the weight will come off. You'll know by the way your clothes fit. By the increased energy and vitality you feel. The confidence that flows freely from your spirit to bless and encourage others.

*** Note: I made this resolve a couple of weeks ago. My scale has been firmly tucked in under the counter, and not out in the open taunting me anymore. The first few days I had some withdrawals, as I learned to move past this habit. But I don't miss it anymore. I feel quite free actually. Will I ever weigh again? Probably every few months, just so I have some ida of where things are at there, in case I need to know. Maybe. Maybe not.

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