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Charming Key West, Florida

If you’re looking for the quintessential laid back island town, Key West is the place for you. The furthest south you can get in the continental US, it has romance and character to spare. Friendly locals, plenty to do and see and did I mention chickens that roam free in the street?

Gift shops abound, so you can spend hours lazily window shopping, in search of the perfect trinkets to take home to loved ones.

Take a tour of the Shipwreck museum, and learn the history of the early settlers of the island, and of course hear the stories of the pirates who once marauded here.

Your stay in Key West would not be complete without a visit to the home of its most famous former resident, Earnest Hemingway. Step inside the studio where he wrote many of his beloved novels, learn more about his life and marriages and walk amongst the dozens of 6 toed cats that live on the property. It’s a thing, you’ll see.

Climb to the top of the of the historic lighthouse, and tour the museum

Stroll through the butterfly sanctuary. Be careful not to pick up any hitchhikers on your way out.

Stop in and cool off at the aquarium - Key West’s first major commercial tourist attraction. Still going strong.

Hungry? Take a break at Sloppy Joe’s bar, were Hemingway and his friends loved to hang out. Live music, local beer and of course delicious Sloppy Joe sandwiches that are sure to hit the spot.

And for dessert, head on over to Kermits for the BEST Key Lime pie in town...or dare I say the best in the world? Really.

Regular slices, or frozen on a stick dipped in chocolate. Heaven on Earth

At the end of your time here, you won’t want to go home. It’s a popular cruise ship port, or stay at one of the charming cottages in the historic village district. Grab your day bus pass, and enjoy!

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