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DIY: Master Bedroom Feature Wall

Updated: Jan 11

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I'm so proud of my oldest son. He saw this master bedroom feature wall idea on Pinterest and decided to try it himself, even though he'd never attempted a project like this before. This is his DIY before and after. Nailed it!! I wanted to share these results with you, because my son is not a carpenter or professional handyman. He's an economist. But he took the time to research diligently and had the courage to step out of his comfort zone and try something new. As a result, not only will he and his wife have greater enjoyment from decor that suits their taste, but they have increased the resale value of their home with this update also.

This was their bedroom BEFORE. This color was on the walls when they purchased the house. I'm sure it was lovely in the 90's, but it was putting off a very dated vibe now. The overall feel of the room was a bit drab and boring, so they really wanted a change. For under $700 (cost would be FAR less for someone who already had basic tools and supplies. This is assuming you are starting from scratch) this makeover transformed their space into an inviting retreat.

Tools Needed:

Materials Needed:

1x4 MDF Trim (Sold by the Foot) - 104 ft.

Regal Select Paint + Primer - Pearl) X 2 Gallons

Paint Color Chosen: Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

What a difference!! How did he learn to do it?? By watching videos online, and trial and error. Search "Board and Batton How-To" and many tutorials are available. Here is one to get you started. -

My son and daughter-in-law absolutely love the results and have inspired me to finally paint the dining room at my house too. (project underway currently) If you've been considering trying something similar at your house I'd encourage you to go for it. As a realtor I can tell you that sweat equity is a real thing, and so much pride of ownership comes from fixing your home up yourself.

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