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Book Review: To Hell With The Hustle by Jefferson Bethke

Updated: May 29

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It seems like everyone (including yours truly) has a side hustle (or two?) these days, doesn’t it? Multitasking has become the way of the world in an ever increasingly frantic charge to get ahead. Competition is fierce out there, and enough just never seems to equal enough. Is this fast paced, driven lifestyle sustainable? Or even desirable? Jefferson Bethke says no.

When I picked this title up at the bookstore I didn’t realize that it is very much a Christian book. That isn’t clear from the cover. It doesn’t bother me personally, but I wanted to mention it since that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The title grabbed me initially because I, like many others in this modern age, have been feeling the side effects of “the hustle.” Fatigue, anxiety and a sense of disconnect from values and loved ones are all byproducts of chronically over busy schedules and minds. Sometimes you just wish you could stop the crazy train and get off right? But, how?

Bethke addresses concrete ideas to help people step back from the burnout. More importantly, in my opinion, he discusses the reasons why it’s so important that we do. His writing style is relatable and conversational. The emphasis is value driven living, based on faith and family. This is your life, right now! Your daily choices shape who you become. Are you making decisions that will lead to happiness, or do you more often feel like you're just running in circles on a hamster wheel? This book is a thought provoking tool to help you sort out those big questions, and find encouragement to make necessary changes in your life.

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