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Book Review: Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi

Updated: May 29

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I came across this book, because my daughter had it from a seminar she had attended a few years ago. I ended up reading it cover to cover in only a few days. It won’t win any awards for writing. It reads more like a personal conversation, which I actually liked, although it did ramble from time to time. The other thing that bothered me a bit was that it is very self aggrandizing. The author reminds you repeatedly of all of his accolades, and that he has many books you can buy. That got on my nerves. But yet I still would recommend this book, because it is packed full of nuggets of motivational gold. I felt better about myself after reading it, and more focused and directed on a path toward my goals. That doesn’t come along every day in a short easy to read book, so in spite of the annoyances I still think it is well worth reading. Without giving too much away, these were a few of my personal favorite “take-aways.”

I love the section where he suggests that you find two photos of yourself: one on a really bad day where you didn’t feel too great about life, and one on a day that you felt on top of your game. When you put the pictures side by side to represent the two versions of yourself and evaluate the characteristics of the two personages it is very enlightening. I have the photos in my phone notes now and refer to them frequently to remind myself which version of myself I choose to be today and why.

I also related to the chapter that discusses relationship building after the sale, as being just as important as the sale itself. This is something that has served me well in business, and a principle I personally believe in. It helps to create future business, yes, but also is just the kind of person I want to be. Someone that truly cares about other people, not just what they can do for my business. It makes life more rich and full to build personal relationships, not only customers.

The truest thing I gathered from the book was the reminder that happiness is the ultimate creator of success, rather than the other way around. I loved that in a book about increasing wealth he took the time to speak at length about focusing on creating happiness first and foremost.

There are many more, but I don’t want to throw out too many spoilers. This won’t take long to read, but could have a powerful impact if you are looking for some extra motivation on a financial or personal level. The author also has a podcast “The Dean Graziosi show” that I have enjoyed listening to.

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